Jan 08, 2015

“Passing” accepted at #TOFF online film festival in February


“Passing” is a riff on how a poet replies to the question: “what do you write about?” – inspired by a quote from Kathleen Jamie that begins: “When asked what I write about, I like to reply that “about” is the wrong word, it suggests the wrong relationship. . .” and the many meanings of passing, while driving through Grey County, Ontario, between Dublin and Sligo and flying over the Atlantic.

#TOFF is a new international online event, a monthly showcase of short films and web series. #TOFF is a new resource for independent filmmakers who want to reach a greater amount of exposure by showcasing their works online

Visit the festival’s website: http://www.theonlinefilmfest.com/ and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/toffilmfest.

And vote for your favourite, starting in February. Of course, I hope you’ll like “Passing” best, but whatever you vote for, it’s all good. Go to their website to vote: http://www.theonlinefilmfest.com/

Starting February 1st until February 28th it will be possible to vote for films through the #TOFF website. Our audience will watch your film and will be able to rate, share and comment it.
There will be a daily voting frequency: users can vote once a day for every rating.

On 28th February, the highest rated project in each category (One Minute Short Film –Short Film –Short narrative – Medium Length – Web Series) will be given the distinction of Winner of the Month and the distinction of Official Finalist for the annual #TOFF – The Online Film Festival 2015.

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