Jun 01, 2015

Keepers of The Water selected for Michigan Womyn’s Film & Music Festival.

The Festival takes place on 650 acres of remote Michigan woodlands. This 40th anniversary Festival week begins with Intensive Workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday taught by womyn with unique talents and expertise. Thursday kicks off a four-day open forum of workshops led by these teachers and others attending the Festival that provide a rich avenue for resource sharing and community networking.

The Festival Film Program is a 4-day, 3-night film series that is part of the overall Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, which occurs every August. The dates for this year’s MWMF are August 4 – 9, 2015.

Within the Community Center complex you’ll find a variety of community activities and events, along with networking space for Teens, Over 50’s, Jewish Womyn, Deaf and HOH Womyn and womyn from other countries. Offering community, celebrations, workshops and special events. The Womyn of Color Tent provides an ongoing opportunity for exploration and reclamation of our many and varied traditions. http://michfest.com/

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