May 15, 2017

River of Rain video exhibited as part of Marlene Creates’ Fogo Island Gallery Exhibition

River of Rain (2010), a video made by Zetlin in collaboration with artist Marlene Creates, is part of Creates’ exhibition opening May 18 – October 15, 2017. River of Rain follows the natural cycle of water from rain to pond to river and sea, and back to rain again following a record-breaking storm. Creates’s voice evokes the water’s course, alternating with text on screen that conveys her reflections and memories of the river. Underscoring the connection between language and landscape, the work frames our experience of the natural world as simultaneously shaped by pure perception and interior consciousness.

The Fogo Island Gallery presents a solo exhibition of the work of senior Canadian artist Marlene Creates. To the Blast Hole Pond River brings together a selection of photography and video that draw inspiration from the river that flows through Creates’s property, a six-acre patch of boreal forest in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland, where she has lived since 2002. As the title suggests, the exhibition is both tribute and journey, a meditation on the specificities of place that considers our connection to the natural world as a form of reciprocal engagement.

The exhibition is curated by Alexandra McIntosh (Director of Programs and Exhibitions, Fogo Island Arts) and Nicolaus Schafhausen (Director, Kunsthalle Wien and Strategic Director, Fogo Island Arts).

To the Blast Hole Pond River is presented in parallel to the exhibition Belonging to a Place: An Exhibition by Fogo Island Arts at Scrap Metal Gallery, Toronto, from June 22 to September 23, 2017. For more information:

category Poetry, video