Jun 15, 2017

Power – Official Selection at Canada’s Yes! Let’s Make Movie Film Festival



leopard1June 4, 2017
A mesmerizing call to action, ‘Power’ is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy performance of Zetlin’s poem ‘Power.’ A 3D face tracking app on the director’s face creates characters who narrate the poem, including a panda, a cardboard box, and a wicked queen. These personas embody different points of view about power and change, from gentleness to rage. The poem is a pantoum, derived from a Malay verse form, where lines repeat, so the characters reappear, but they don’t always appear the same. Planets, stars, fractals and galaxies form the backdrop. ‘Power’ appears in ‘Addictions of a Poet Laureate,’ published by Always Press.

category Poetry, video