The V BookFW

The V-Book: Giving Voice to Our Vision of a World without Violence Against Women and Children

“Evidence of the agony of abuse and the triumph of overcoming that abuse. You will find concerns about violence in the local playgrounds and around the world. And you will recognize the voices of your family, your friends and your neighbours as they combine to speak out and give voice to the vision of a world free from violence.”


published 2014

publisher Ginger Press

category Anthology Poetry Prose


Saugeen Stories: the Saugeen River celebrated in prose and poetry

Celebrating the Saugeen River, from the rocky highlands of Grey and Wellington Counties through the pastoral fields and clay bluffs of Bruce to meet the waters of Lake Huron. Edited by Dawna Proudman.

published 2014

publisher Brucedale Press

category Anthology Poetry Prose

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