April Addictions

anything that melts or intoxicates
dark chocolate, warm earth, red wine
anything that promises to unfold
winter aconite, abilities, handwritten notes


those who find in themselves
greater pride and confidence as creators

being here

those who show their grade two students
how to turn cumulus clouds into concrete poems

being here breathing

those who step on stage for the first time
speaking their own words aloud

being here breathing listening

those who understand creativity
cannot be legislated or corralled

being here breathing listening, hoping

those who arrive with cartons of words,
dark laureates, poet chocolates

being here breathing listening, hoping, grateful

anything that melts or intoxicates
anything that promises to unfold

published 2007

publisher from Addictions of a Poet Laureate, Always Press

category Addictions of a Poet Laureate

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